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The Moving Depot is here to help you relocate all your belongings, no matter if it is to a city nearby or another country. If you are interested in the type of services we offer in Ontario, CA, give this page a read!

Residential Moving

House Packing Services

House Packing Services

Your house is full of items, household appliances, and everything else that makes your home yours. One day, you decide it’s time to move and you are faced with the logistics of packing and moving all these things to your new location. Here’s where we step in. Trust us with everything you need on your move.

Commercial Moving

The Moving Depot can also assist you in taking care of your office relocation to another state or to another town nearby. Our professionals come with a well-equipped and fully-insured fleet to fit all your belongings and transport them safely to your new address. We have harnesses and quilts, which ensure that no matter how long the distance, your things will be kept stable and secure.

Storage Services

A variety of different storage spaces are available in our climate-controlled facility environment. You can count on your things being kept safe 24/7. If you lack the space to store your belongings after leaving your property, we’re here to help.

Long-Distance and Interstate Moving

If you are looking for a company that won’t just help you move around Ontario, CA, let us know and we’ll provide that long-distance assistance. It’s one thing to be relocating to a different address in the same city and quite a different one to be settling in an unfamiliar area.

Unpacking, Unloading & More!

When we say we cover each aspect of your move, we truly mean everything! From unloading your belongings from the van to unpacking them in your new place, and handling them in a safe manner. We even move large and hard-to-handle objects, such as pianos and pool tables.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming relocation, don’t hesitate to contact one of our pros at (877) 770-6683 today!