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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Moving Depot, we provide exceptional moving service to our customers at cost-effective prices. Moving can be a very tedious task, and we understand that dealing with this process without adequate help can be quite overwhelming. Our skilled professionals are here to simplify this entire process. On this page, we have done our best to address common concerns that customers might have before deciding to hire us. If, however, you need more details apart from the ones given here, then simply reach out to us. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the necessary insights you desire. Our customer service is second to none and is highly praised across the greater Ontario, CA area.

What are the factors to consider about residential moving?

Amongst the most important factors to consider for a residential moving project is hiring the right local or interstate movers. When interviewing different companies, make sure that they handle the scale of the move that you desire. It is also very essential to confirm their transit fee as well as to reconfirm what is their process for packing the objects that have to be moved. It is always better to ask a lot of questions beforehand and get absolute clarity before the work begins.

How to find the right storage services?

To make sure that you find the appropriate storage once your house packing services are done, and before transit, one must first start with the budget at hand. Once you have a concrete number, you can proceed towards checking what spaces can be hired that will fit all your items within the price bracket that you have isolated for renting a storage space.

Do you deal with piano and pool table moving?

Yes. We can easily deal with any piano or pool table moving requirements. We are capable professionals that are well-versed in moving larger-scale objects and always make sure that we are putting our training and techniques to good use. We believe in being extra cautious and ensuring that there is no damage that occurs to the objects during transport.

Is commercial moving more expensive?

It can be. In comparison to residential moving, one typically has to spend more to hire office movers. This is primarily because the scale of the move is exponentially bigger. The objects including chairs, tables, office equipment, and other materials that might be present in the current space have to be safely transported to the new space, which is by no means an easy undertaking. It is also quite labor-intensive and bound to cost more.

How to properly pack and unpack for space management?

To make sure that you are preserving as much space as possible, undertaking a dimension-wise packing approach is ideal. This is the process wherein objects of roughly the same dimension are packed together and go into the same box which is also of roughly the same dimension. Once all objects are packed into their respective boxes, stacking them into the moving truck becomes a lot easier and also provides structural stability, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Can loading and unloading be done without expert help?

Technically yes, but if you have a lot of large-scale objects or have a lot of things that you would like moved professionally, it is always advisable to find a relocation company that also offers packing and unpacking. This simplifies the entire process and also increases the odds of safer transit. As the packing is done by the company, professionals know how to best utilize the space that they have while maintaining the safety of the objects.

We hope that after going through these questions, you are now ready to go ahead and hire us for your requirements. If, however, you need more insights, then reach out to The Moving Depot at (877) 770-6683. Our customer service professionals will provide you with additional information that you can truly rely on before hiring us. Across Ontario, CA, we are known as trusted movers for our efficient service and market-competitive prices.